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Testimonials from Clients

"Kelly is everything you want in a midwife: calm and confident, smart and experienced, warm and patient. Every prenatal visit felt like a peaceful respite, as Kelly welcomed me into her warm home office (offering snacks and tea!) and took her time answering all my questions. And on the big morning, Kelly arrived at my home with her signature relaxed confidence and guided me through an amazing birth, staying back when I needed space and coming forward when I needed support. The days and weeks following my birth, Kelly returned to my home for postpartum visits checking in on the well-being of the entire family. The quality of care that Kelly provides, the type of relationship she builds with her mothers, should be the standard." - Rose B.

"I had the most beautiful homebirth. Kelly fit in seamlessly with my family and with the atmosphere in my home. She was so confident and calm and she respected my process and my wishes. I knew I was in great hands and it really allowed me to focus on the work I had to do. Of course when my daughter was born, there was a lot of joy in the room. Kelly was so much a part of that joy. I will never forget her smile and the special part she played in my family's life." -Olivia H.

"I could not have asked for a better home birth experience with Kelly as my midwife. I felt comfortable around her since the first time we met. I had some anxiety from my first birth which was in the hospital, and Kelly was amazing at easing all of it whenever I saw her or talked with her. From the prenatal appointments to the birth, to the postpartum home and office visits afterwards, she was calm, reassuring, confident and so knowledgeable. I trusted her and she helped me learn how to trust myself and my body. She advocates for her patients and makes sure they are taken care of physically as well as emotionally. I am so thankful that she was my midwife!" -Katie A.

"We feel so fortunate to have had Kelly by our side to welcome our son into the light. She is an amazing midwife, calm and knowledgeable, with an intuitive understanding of my needs at every moment during the labor and delivery. In fact, at a particularly difficult period in my labor Kelly knew more than I did that I could achieve my wishes to have a home delivery, and helped me to find the strength to do so. She has a graceful presence, both strong and peaceful, as she guided us through the process.

We looked forward to our visits with her every month, each one a pleasure, and we feel we developed a true friendship with her during the prenatal care. She has a deep knowledge of both traditional birthing techniques and conventional medical practice, and she perfectly tailored her advice to meet our birth plan.

Kelly is a genuine, caring, and generous midwife, and you will be lucky to have her attend your labor and delivery. We recommend Kelly with all our hearts." -April and Paul

"Kelly was our midwife for both of my daughters. Simply put, she's a caring and wise midwife who was indispensable during one of our family's most important events! She took the time to set my husband and me at ease, answering our copious questions, and explaining pregnancy unknowns. Kelly's knowledge base is vast and she offered me both alternative (read "natural health") options and standard care options for various pregnancy issues. She was calming and reassuring during my births and made sure things got off to a perfect start with our new babies. I can't recommend her enough!" -Amber C.

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